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The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC


Who We Are!

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living is a leading provider for safe, comfortable and cooperative living environments that supports the underserved and vulnerable communities in Bell County, Texas. 


What is Cooperative Living?

Cooperative Living is our housing model, that offers people with different experiences to live together in one home unit. It provides an alternative option for safe and secure housing where there may be limitations to housing due to poor credit, past unsatisfactory rental history, and/or derogatory background. It allows individuals a fair chance towards self-sufficiency. This model is supportive of those on a limited/fixed/low income whether from employment, program rental assistance, government assistance, unemployment,  or SSI/SSDI.  Residents of The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC are able  to live and enjoy access to all the amenities of a regular middle-class family home. Tenants pay a flat rate for private/semi-private rooms that is all-inclusive of utilities and community based. 

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The Pearl Living Cooperative Living, LLC homes are an all-inclusive independent shared living environment. We offer safe, comfortable, clean, substance abuse free home options for the adult individual in all demographics. When options for those in transition are impacted by strict rental housing requirements, it can put those in vulnerable populations at risk for homelessness.  Whether the arrangement is transitional or permanent, we want to offer a transition out of hardship and into self-sufficiency.

Our objective is to provide safe and affordable housing for the most vulnerable and/or impacted communities in the Bell County, Texas area. We focus on populations that may experience unfair housing practices such as Fixed Income Recipients, those with low income, Housing Insecure Male and Female Adults including those with unsatisfactory rental history, background or poor credit. We accept persons receiving financial assistance from government, social service programs, other third party programs as well as private pay on a case by case basis.