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The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC

What We Believe!

The services that The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC provides is founded on the principle of integrity, cooperation, and self-sufficiency. Our core values lie in providing compassionate housing support to some of the most vulnerable populations with all inclusive, affordable housing. We are committed to providing our residents whom we consider as friends with clean, safe affordable living arrangements that cannot be found elsewhere. 

We strongly believe in wellness and self-sufficiency that is driven by integrity and accountability. We aim to serve each cooperative living friend of The Pearl Blanket with dignity and respect. We model this by embracing change, inclusion, and diversity. We support the pursuit of happiness and a more independent life outside of cooperative living through growth and education. Our approach is that of adherence to local and federal standards pertaining to fair housing and we are always on the move to improve how we operate. 

How We Got Our Start

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC is a for profit company that was founded by Caprice Nyen, M.A. Caprice Nyen is a human services professional with over 22 years of social service experiences. She shares a diverse knowledge of residential care, homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, case management, developmental/intellectual disabilities, and elder care.

Services are led by an experienced and empathetic leader along with an interdisciplinary group of third party professionals dedicated to the overall wellness and housing stability of those we invite into cooperative care at our homes. 

Our Mission 

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC has the overall mission to enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of individuals in need of safe, comfortable, alternative, and attainable housing options.

Our Vision 

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC envisions a community where equal housing rights are upheld always. Affordable, safe, and comfortable housing is a basic human need and right. 

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC understands that cooperative living housing models provide a unique and attainable alternative to those who may often are left with their basic housing needs unmet, subjecting individuals into risk for homelessness.

We strive to support those individuals experiencing life from different angles, a chance to live comfortably and safely during their housing transition. 

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC is striving on expanding the mission of enhancing lives by growing into 5 homes in the Bell County, TX area within the next 3 years. 

What our community members are saying? 

She brings life experience into her leadership which allows her to see not only the person but their experiences. She is a leader that remembers life is a challenge.

M. Austin