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The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC

Thank you for your generosity!

The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living is committed to creative solve of problems that plague our communities and those living in them. We appreciate your desire to help the community as well!

Gifts and/or contribution helps us achieve our mission of providing alternative housing options to those who are most vulnerable to homelessness. We appreciate your continued support!

There are a few ways in which you can contribute to The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC:

• Donate by phone by contacting Caprice Nyen at 254-697-0217

• Donate by mail to The Pearl Blanket Cooperative Living, LLC at COMING SOON

• If you have any questions about donating, please email: [email protected]

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for donations to our homes both pick up and drop off.

We encourage photos of donations especially furniture, large appliances, and other bulk items.

 We kindly ask for donations to be free of pests, pet hair, excessive tears, stains, and smoke/offensive odors.

We appreciate all efforts of kindness, however we may or may not be able to accept some donations due to space restrictions or other health/safety issues. We reserve this right unoffensively.

Here are some of the donations that may serve our cooperative living friends best:

Please allow for items to be either New or Gently Used and in operating/functional condition.

-Gift Cards



-Household Items

(such as dishes, flatware, cookware, linens, curtains, bath towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and laundry supplies)

-Clothing & Shoes



-Hygiene Items

*We are for profit and all gifts are voluntary. Receipt of donation is not available.